How To Eat Ethiopian Food

Eat Ethiopian Like An Ethiopian

How to eat Ethiopian Food“Family and friends, who eat together, stay together.” Ethiopian culture upholds the same belief and puts great emphasis on communal eating so their traditional meals are designed keeping the pristine principle of “sharing is caring” in mind.

At the House of Injera, we offer traditional platters like “Beyaynetu” and “Mistro” which consist of a large Injera with an assortment of exquisite “Wats” and “Tibs” placed over it. One look at the platter will leave you bewitched. In Ethiopian households, one such platter is shared among the members of the whole family, which stimulates a sense of mutual love and warmth.

“Our hands are handier than spoons”

Customarily, African and Indian cultures promote the practice of eating meals with our own hands. Ancient medicinal practices like Ayurveda have underlined many digestive benefits of eating with our hands. Using our hands to eat creates a closer connection of the body with our food.

It is advisable to use your right hand while eating food as per Ethiopian etiquette. The Injera is structured to have a porous surface on one side enabling easier absorption of the saucy stews. The flat surface on the other side of the bread helps in conveniently taking hold of each morsel. With the main platter.

Just rip a piece of bread take hold of some Wat and place it inside your craving mouth. And Ta-da! You will escape into the exotic Ethiopian food heaven. Although the food is finger licking yummy.

Try “Gursha” with your Gang!

A divine practice, “Gursha” involves feeding your loved ones during the meal. It highlights not just a romantic gesture towards your partner but also symbolises love and respect towards your family and friends.

Ethiopian Coffee completes your meal

The story does not end without an authentic Ethiopian coffee served in the traditional kettle “Jebena”. As the smell of roasted coffee allures you, you can enjoy a luscious cup of coffee at the end of the meal.

The beauty of Ethiopian cuisine rests in the fact that it has something to offer to people with varying palates. The uniqueness of Ethiopian cuisine and its eating style are surely worth a try. We, at “The House of Injera” eagerly await to serve you.