Gomen Recipe – Ethiopian Collard Greens

Gomen Ethiopian Recipe

Let’s Gorge Upon Some Gomen

The Gomen or the Ethiopian style collard greens is one of the most sought after dishes for all “phytophilous” around. This dish is nothing but the normal collard greens made more palatable with an Ethiopian twist to it. Sounds appealing right?

You can eat the Ethiopian collard greens as a main dish or as a delectable side dish to give company to some Wat or Meat item. It’s one of the simplest dishes to cook and is absolutely satiating. Like they truly say simplicity has its own beauty. Excited to know how this great combo of health and taste is prepared?

At the house of Injera, Gomen is made using collard greens with the flavor of onions and garlic. We serve it with nicely cooked lamb and Injera. You can make some of your additions to this dish like a few tomatoes or Jalapeno peppers or fresh spinach.

Major Elements of your Gomen

–          A bunch collard green

–          1 Onion

–          3-4 garlic cloves

–          3-4 cups of water

–          Salt and Pepper

–          2 Tomatoes

–          1-2 Green chilies


·    Take a bunch of greens and boil them in sufficient water till they become soft.

·    Mince some garlic cloves and a mid-sized onion. Now take a pot, pour some oil or margarine and let it heat.

·    Toss the onion in the oil or margarine and let it turn slightly brownish. Cut small chunks of the green chilies for enhancing the spiciness.

·    Add some garlic and sauté them together. Chop the tomato into pieces and cook with the onion garlic mix.

·    Finally, Put the greens in the pot and let it get properly stewed.

·    Sprinkle some salt and pepper as per your taste. Add 2 cups of water allowing the contents to cook well for about 10 minutes while you stir it once or twice.

·    Wait till the water is absorbed. That’s it; the Gomen is ready to go into your drooling mouth.

What are you waiting for? Find a great green delight in the form of Ethiopian Gomen in the Mini Ethiopia of Melbourne at House Of Injera.