Ethiopian Kitfo Will Keep You Enticed


Wondering what is so special about this dish “Kitfo”? It is one of the most sought for items from the Classic Ethiopian Cuisine. Prepared using Beef, Kitfo a tartare steak has a long list of admirers because of its incredible combination of spices, herbs and minced beef. 



Along with Raw beef, the major ingredients of Kitfo include “Mitmita” and “Niter Kibbeh”. The meat is marinated with these two ingredients to give it the perfect taste. Mitmita is a spicy mix prepared from red chillies, cumin seeds, cardamom, garlic and pepper. Niter Kibbeh is nothing but an Ethnic Ethiopian form of clarified butter powered with herbs. 


Generally, two varieties of Kitfo are eaten by meat lovers one is the “Cooked” version “leb leb” and the other consists of raw beef. Each of the two versions has a relishing tinge to it.


At the House of Injera, Kitfo is among the most loved dishes on our menu. Hailing from the Gurage cuisine, the traditional Injera gives a great company to Kitfo which ensures a satiating meal.  We prepare Kitfo traditionally using freshly grounded beef cooked with hot Mitmita and other spices. And, we add more love and taste to it with a good smearing of “Niter Kibbeh” butter. The Ethiopians also enjoy Kitfo with another type of bread called Kocho made from “Ensete”. Many also eat it with cheese called ayibe or cooked green veggies called gomen.     

In Ethiopia, the Kitfo is served specially on grand occasions as the “Meskel” holiday celebrated yearly on the 27th September. 

Join us at the House of Injera to go on a flavourful ride as you enjoy a great plate of Kitfo.