Berbere Spice – The Heart Of Ethiopian Stews

berbere spices
berbere spices

What makes the Ethiopian Cuisine stand out from the rest is the beautiful blend of spices and herbs used in its making. Ethiopia is known for being culturally rich and diverse; this is showcased in the amazing variety of spices used in Ethiopian food. The soul of savoury Ethiopian meal is the zestful ingredient “berbere”. In Amharic, berbere means “Hot” which justifies its use in enhancing the spice quotient of food.

Berbere can be added to give a punch of flavours to almost any food. Wondering what is needed to make this magical mix? Let us enlighten you. 

Our team at the House of Injera uses berbere in many of our authentic recipes. Berbere is made by combining elements like garlic, ginger, cumin, fenugreek, black pepper and some gorgeous red chillies. Your eyes will gleam at the vision of this red beauty. The aroma of the grounded spices will leave you mouth-watering.  

Here is how you can make some berbere in your kitchen. To make about a half cup of Berbere, roast in a pan, around 8 cardamom pods with 10 chillies and 1 tbsp of cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, coriander seeds and cloves. Heat them over a medium flame till they become aromatic. 

Now ground them in a spice mill or mixer. Combine the mixture with grated ginger, powdered nutmeg and salt. The ultimate Ethiopian spice fusion will be ready.

At the House of Injera, you can witness the “berbere” magic as you order some of our delicious dishes prepared with this splendid spice mix.